Sometimes love isn’t enough to make it work.

Love is what starts a relationship but love alone will not make it work. Unfortunately love will never be enough to make a relationship work. Other things are also very important no matter how you claim to be in love. I’m actually the last person that should be writing this because I have been in … Continue reading Sometimes love isn’t enough to make it work.


Jessica is a bag of emotions.

I can remember one of my very first post on this blog. I was talking about my emotional unavailability. I said I was emotionally detached and I was teaching myself how to be lovey dovey. I wrote that particular post with a heavy heart because my friends regarded me as heartless. Guess what? I’m writing … Continue reading Jessica is a bag of emotions.

Big girls don’t cry?

I’ve been called a cry baby countless times and it doesn’t change the fact that I cry whenever I want to. I don’t cry because I feel like crying, I cry because it takes a lot of energy to hold back tears. Crying isn’t my hobby, but I cry if need be. While growing up … Continue reading Big girls don’t cry?