Sometimes love isn’t enough to make it work.

Love is what starts a relationship but love alone will not make it work. Unfortunately love will never be enough to make a relationship work. Other things are also very important no matter how you claim to be in love. I’m actually the last person that should be writing this because I have been in toxic relationships and friendships just because I love them. I had to learn that you can love people from a distance, I had to understand that you can love someone and that love is never ever enough.

You need more than love to make it work. You need patience, understanding, core values and respect for these things to work. I’ve told my friends that my next relationship is going to be my last because I’m falling in love with my eyes, nose, brains and ears opened. I have walked away from someone I loved so much not because I stopped loving them, but because that love wasn’t enough to make the relationship work. Sometimes people walk away from us not because they’ve stopped loving us but because that love wasn’t enough.

As easy as it is for me to write that love is never enough, I could see a thousand reasons not to hang out with someone but I still hold on because “I love them.” You don’t know love until you meet someone that makes you feel like your entire being would die if you ever lost them. But even this type of love isn’t enough. Love that feels so real isn’t even enough. Love isn’t enough to take so much disrespect from one person. Love will not make you overlook someone that disrespects your values and beliefs as a human being.

Love is not enough to change someone into who you want them to be. Beloved readers, don’t fall in love blindly. Blinded love will make you compromise, don’t get me wrong, compromise is always necessary in every relationship but when your core values isn’t respected, then trust me when I say it isn’t worth it. This post is basically screaming love isn’t enough and I hope you can hear it, I hope you listen. Don’t jump into a friendship or even relationship because you just love them, consider other factors.

Love is a beautiful thing, love is what I wish for everyone to feel, love heals. But then love is never enough. The only love that will sustain you is self love. Love will start a relationship but there’s more to a relationship, there’s partnership, compromise,happiness, respect and compatibility. See you in my next post💕💕.


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