Emotional Maturity- It’s not about good dick🍆🍆

It is one thing for someone to be matured physically, intellectually and even financially. It is another to be emotionally matured. There’s something about emotionally matured people, when you come across an emotionally matured man/woman, there’s a different type of vibe.

But we can’t see emotional maturity. We can’t measure emotional maturity. You can meet a man who has everything put together, nice car, nice house, nice strokes👅, a good job, a big anaconda🍆, but emotionally he is still a baby. A girl can have a banging body, hold conversations very well, has her bank account speaking a foreign language but is still a child emotionally.

There’s something I want to make clear in this post, everyone is always cool until emotions are involved. Dealing with someone that is an emotional toddler is stressfulllllll, it is a job on its own. Everything is fine with an emotional toddler until you switch on the emotion aspect and then you that self-control has walked out from their life. They are always the victim, they are never wrong, they are always the one hurt. Their emotions don’t match the person you admired.

You can’t see emotional maturity, everyone tends to be matured until you hit that button. We can all pretend, we are very different behind closed doors. We can pretend for the first month to the tenth year of a relationship, but can we pretend forever? Relationships break over the littlest of things. Emotional maturity should be considered when looking for a partner. This is why I lean towards older guys, because whether it worked out or not, I learnt something. They know everything is not about them.

Before getting into a relationship, you have to be emotionally matured, then you seek for your emotionally matured partner. Beard gang is not emotional maturity, perfect brows is not emotional maturity. INSECURITY ISN’T EMOTIONAL MATURITY. Emotional maturity is the ability to deal with feelings, take responsibility and face things reasonably. Achieving emotional maturity is actually very good for your mental health, you will deal with situations the right way. You will understand that everything is not about you.

I wouldn’t say I’m emotionally matured to be honest. But I’m growing emotionally, I handle things very differently from a year ago. I’m challenging my readers to emotional growth, let’s all grow until we are emotionally matured. Not for a relationship but for our own peace of mind. See you in my next post. Bye for now.


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