Getting over the ex.

You know the worst type of feeling? Being in a state of dilemma where you are thinking “should I hold on for a little bit longer? Or just let go?” The most annoying part of a break up is that uncertainty. You don’t really know what’s happening. You want the X to be missing in your life but then you still want them present. I know you are like Jessica just read my mind but then Jessica has gone through this phase of her life.

When the relationship has reached it’s final stage , you will know. The earlier you accept it, the better for you. Go through the heart break and start your healing process. Stop holding on to a ship that is no longer moving. Look, I’m a strong believer of trying to make things work. Before you leave a relationship, try to make it work. I’m not saying you should stay in an abusive relationship. But once you have tried, please, carry what is left of your ego and leave.

Don’t make something that’s meant to be a paragraph in your life the whole book!! The truth is that we know when the relationship is over, but we still choose to be magician and fix things that are not fixable. Whether you broke up or they broke up, let it go. Let your ex stay where it belongs in the past. Start your healing process. It will take a lot of sleepless night, you will cry yourself to sleep but you will eventually get over it.

Getting over an ex should be a job tbh. We should be paid for getting over an ex and keeping up with bullshit and not losing our mind. There’s really no formula for you to get over an ex. What worked for me might not work for you. Just know you deserve better and move on.

Heartbreak is painful, but I have learnt to turn my pain into beauty. I write a lot of poems that will probably never make it to my blog but that was how I got over an ex. You can convince people of a lot of things but loving you shouldn’t be one of them. If an ex is gone, they should go.

See you in my next blogpost 💕. I have a post on “Okafor’s Law- where the ex should be.” Feel free to browse through the blog. Love from Jessica.


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