Quiet sex should not be a thing.

This is for my male readers, you know I didn’t forget about you👅. You guys are always on my mind even if it won’t take long before I run back to my female readers.

Guyyyyysssssss, please don’t be quiet during sex, that “hmmm” is really important. Talk about something, say something!!! Don’t tell me about your childhood experience but then all the ladies in the house can agree with me that there needs to be some sort of noise making. Some “uhhs” and “ahhs.” Something please😭. Please make the noise while you are young before the quiet sneaky sex you will be having in the nearest future 😂. The kids will teach you how to reduce your voice with time.

I’m not saying you should sound like a pornstar (some of us won’t mind👅👅), just act like you like what you’ve just been offered. It’s really heartbreaking when it’s the girl giving the audio, if you are enjoying it, show us!!!! My favourite sex and relationship coach said Noise lets others know they are enjoying themselves and our general perception is; the more noise, the more pleasure being had! Sound definitely helps trigger more desire in the other person, you both get into the moment and feed off each other’s vibe, so it’s worth getting loud!”

Get loud, talk dirty, say raw things we like it. Don’t just stay there making ugly faces, give us some sound track. Don’t act dumb during sex, it’s scary. I hate quiet sex, we are not in the fucking library, let’s scream this house down.

Lol, see you guys in my next post. I hope the ladies agree with me on this.


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