Investing in the wrong man.

Look ladies, this post is a bit personal to me, so take my language as you see it. If you know me, you know I hate wasting my time on someone or anything. I was restless the other night knowing that I had wasted my time, support, intelligence, love, energy, phone calls and the other things girls bring to the table in a relationship. All I could see was all my investment that didn’t yield to anything.

Before investing your favourite sex position, nasty blowjobs, trophy pussy, time, love, energy or even money in a man know your place. Trust me, there’s nothing more painful than investing and not getting anywhere. Investment is already very expensive, talk more of investing in the wrong nigga. It’s almost 2019, nobody purposely walks into a relationship that will yield to heartache.

Love is obviously blind, but sis you have to walk into a relationship with your eyes, ears and nose wide open. See everything you have to see before love blinds it, smell it, breathe it. The red flags you ignore now will eventually lead to the heartbreak. These men are getting really smart. Make sure you belong to your man and he belongs to you before investing. You are not his until he says you should be his girl.

My male friend was telling of how this girl he wasn’t even dating broke up with him and went on twitter to call him a fuck boy. Really?? A girl that cooked your meals, supported you and what not shouldn’t get angry because you are “just texting someone new??” Girls, raise your hands let me say a little prayer for you. “May you not be in a relationship alone, with the man absent. May you not call your enemy your boyfriend.” Say Amen!! A louder AMEN.

STOP MAKING INVESTMENT WHEN THERE IS NO COMMITMENT. There’s this Nigerian saying I use all the time when it comes to relationships. “A guyman cannot guy guyman” be wise ladies. Don’t give a guy husband benefit if he isn’t even acting right. There are ladies out there that don’t mind giving to the wrong guy tho, but I Jessica can never be that girl. Be like Jessica. FULLSTOP.

See you in my next post darling 💕💕.


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