Starting with the girl in the mirror.




My beloved readers, it’s been like forever since I made a post. Truth be told, your favourite blogger has been going through a lot. I have had my fair share of a bad life at 20 and I’m happy I have healed from that phase of my life. You guys know I wouldn’t talk about it if I haven’t healed from it.

May 2018 has to be the worst time of my life. It was also the longest month (I felt it lasted for 3 years). Anyways, that was probably because my emotions were all over the place and I’m fine now I have found true love.

It is too early to be in love, but the truth is love finds us when we least expect. From the topic, I have decided to start with myself. I have fallen in love with myself and this time around I am not breaking my own heart. It’s funny how I am very quick to give advice to others and neglect myself. I claim to know it all but become dumb to my life.

I had to take some time off blogging and social media because my mental health is more important. I was becoming a crazy girl because of a F**CKING boy. You see, I never wanted to be that girl that lets her emotions control her, I thought I had mastered the act of controlling my emotions. I was wrong!! Some weeks back, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror because I was so ashamed of myself. I let my emotions control me and whenever I look back to that day, I cringe.

Life is hard, so I had to learn to stop being so hard at myself. I had to stop overthinking things. I learnt to love myself. I learnt that even if you have friends and family around you, your pain is yours alone to carry. I learnt to stop blaming myself for things that were meant to happen. I had to learn that I am my own best friend. I learnt ALOTTTTT. I’m starting with myself and I have decided to love myself immensely.

I just want to say a big thank you to my readers that reached out to me. I love you all, and yes, your girl is back. See you in my next post.


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