I murdered my ex-boyfriend.

Exes are one of those things I hate. I don’t refer to them as humans to be honest, they are things and very filthy things at that. I have an ex whom I hate with passion, it really surprises me how much love could turn to hate. Yes hate is a very strong word, but I hate my ex.

It feels very weird putting my personal life out for my beloved readers but then I want to be an open book. Before I tell you guys the story of how I killed my ex, I need to let you know that this guy was everything and more to me. I actually thought he was God sent but the devil is also a hard worker.

Okay so it’s the first week of uni and I get to know this boy who looked like every girl’s dream😒. I hate to admit that even in death he is still one of the most beautiful men I have come across. Anyways things went very well between the both of until we were in one of those mood where we lock the world out and create our world👅, and I get a call from a friend saying that this guy is in a serious relationship and I’m just a fling. I might look very confident but when it comes to my relationship I’m the most insecure modafuka. So yes my insecurities was introduced into the relationship.

I really don’t want to bore my beloved readers so I’m going straight to point. After that night, I never trusted this guy. Him on the other hand always played the victim card. He compared me to his ex and he always made feel bad about myself. But I didn’t let those blame games get to me. Long story cut short, I was tired of being with an emotionally dumb guy, I was tired of being a wife to a boy that doesn’t even deserve a girlfriend. I was tired of going to bed stressed out. I was tired lying to myself that he would change. I was just tired.

Is this the relationship? Is this what love is? Is this what a boyfriend looks like? I had plenty of questions, so to be on a safe side, I killed him. I couldn’t stand the emotional blackmail. I murdered him emotionally, this dude is nowhere to be found in my hearts of hearts. I love hard and I forget how to love easily. I know how disappointed you are knowing that I didn’t kill him physically (Mtchewww I can’t even kill an ant😂). I had to kill him mentally because this guy made me feel like I was desperate girl. Right now, I see him and it feels like I see nobody.

Anyone stressing you out emotionally should be out of your life. It took me time and I got to a point where I had forget this boy because he wasn’t worth it. I’m not someone that regrets her actions, but I honestly regret dating this boy. Anyways now he is dead to me, I think it is safe to say that I’m exless. This is just that one ex that I never want to associate with. Rest in Perfect peace. I don’t wish you real death because I want you to see me excel in everything I do.

Anyways that’s it for this week, I hope you all find the best partner and your relationship works out for you.


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