I ate a girl out and I’m having a running stomach.

What can be done to last longer in bed?

Change position every 2 minutes, that’s if you can last up to two minutes 😂. Seriously speaking it depends, but I will advice you to start from missionary, then side by side, woman on top, and then doggy. Just change positions basically.

Is it possible to have sex every damn day?

I don’t think sex every day is possible 😭, you will get tired of it. I can’t speak for the guys, but you will get tired of it as a lady. You could go for 3 weeks and sometimes less but you will get tired after that. Trust me👅. You don’t have sex for the sake of it. Have quality sex and forget quantity.

What can I use to tighten my pussy?

Squats girl👅👅. Squats doesn’t only help in lifting your ass, it helps in tightening your coochie. The truth is that when you start having sex, your pussy can never be brand new again but squats will give you a newer and better version of your pussy. Apart from squats, you could do kegels on your pussy, I’m going to also explain this as easy as I can. Just as you hold your urine, learn to control your vagina muscles, clench your vagina without stiffening your ass and you are good to go. Try doing this anytime you are free☺️☺️ and thank me later.

How can I make my penis bigger? My girlfriend complains about it even if other girls think it’s average.

There’s nothing you can do to get a bigger Johnny. None that I know of apart from surgery. From your beach picture, I think you are very average unless you padded it😂😂.

I sucked a girl’s pussy and I’m now having a running stomach.

Uhm, I had to laugh at this question because you sound like you ate too much chocolate 😂😂. You can’t have diarrhoea from cunnilingus😂😂. It is possible to get any thing from the vagina except a running stomach. You could contact an STI, I will encourage you to check with your doctor.

Okay darling that’s the question from my followers this week. Don’t forget to dm me your questions so we can keep the blog running. I love and see you in my next post.


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