Tips on having sex as a single girl.

This post is dedicated to my single ladies who wants to have an amazing sex life. You are welcome boo👅. And to those people that think I’m selling sex because I’m a writer, I need to let you know that sex is an amazing/sweet experience, I don’t have to sell it🤷‍♀️.

This post is for the single ladies who have decided to have an active sex life and you have found it difficult to have an amazing sex experience. You are probably scared to be called the very popular Nigerian slang ‘Ashawo.’ I mean if you want to wait until marriage, then you should wait until marriage. If you want to have sex, then you should. However, you should know there’s a difference between having sex in your youth and being an overly used adult. Yes, I said it.

First things first, if you are having sex as a single lady, contraception is a must have. Very important, you want to protect yourself from STI’s and unwanted pregnancy. As a single lady having sex, you should know the options you have and choose from it. Have a conversation with yourself, if are too scared to talk about sex, you should be having it. I wouldn’t come on blog to advice underage children, so if you still close your ears and giggle when you hear sex, then you are not my target audience😂.

It is very important to figure out what you need to do in other to be sexually satisfied. Enough of playing the blame game, a man wouldn’t know how you like it if you don’t tell him!!! He is not an ominiknowest😒. Do you like fast strokes? More foreplay? Candle lights? Or maybe a ring😂? Say it, communication is key. Sex is your own belief, forget pornography and the rest. Sex is what you want it to be. If you are comfortable opening your legs, you should be more than comfortable opening your mouth.

I had an Instagram poll the other day on how young people like sex and 53% of my instagram voters prefer break the bed sex to the gentle sex, but then how many of these 298 voters can say this to their partners? Communication is key. If you are having sex as a single girl, you should protect yourself and be very selective of the people you let inside your coochie, not every guy deserves to be there. A guy who treats you as an option does deserve it either. I love y’all and see you in my next post 💕💕.


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