He’s not that into you.




My friends think I am a bitter bitch because whenever they bring up a scenario about a guy they are into and I feel like he isn’t treating her right, the next thing I say is “he is not that into you.” I might be a bitter bitch but see me as the bitter bitch that doesn’t want you to waste time with the wrong person.

I love to think I am a love doctor, and that’s why this post is very important. I am a girl who knows it all, so I know how guys think too. I’m legit tired of seeing beautiful girls with lots of potential in a bullshit they call relationship.

Sis, when a guy is into you, he lets you know. He calls you, he shows up, he always wants to talk, he can’t keep his eyes off you and many more. Men are not complicated the way the world portrays them. A complicated man is a man that fears commitment. Stop making excuses for him, his attitude is telling you the truth that he is not that into you.

When I have a talk with girls, I sometimes conclude that we are all dating the same guy. That guy that doesn’t give a fuck, that guy that makes up excuses as to why he can’t love you, they all have trust issues, they are all scarred from their previous relationship, they all have daddy issues. Here is my opinion on why he is not that into you.

He’s not that into you if he isn’t asking you out. You know why I’m saying this? If he likes you so much, trust me he will ask you out. Guys find it satisfying to get what they want. If a guy wants you he will find you. A guy that likes you would not keep you guessing, because he would not want to frustrate you and push you away. As foolish as this may sound, let a guy chase you, don’t do the chasing. If you have to do the chasing, he’s not that into you. An excuse from a guy not asking you out is a polite rejection. It is tradition for a guy to do the asking out, if he doesn’t do it, he is not that into you.

He’s not that into you if he isn’t calling. Sis, one thing you should know is that men know how to use the phone just like you. He’s busy? If a guy is into you, you would be the one to cheer him up in his horribly busy day. Don’t let the sweet words fool you, actions speak louder than “I love you babe.” People are only busy when you are the last thing on their mind. Remember that a man is never to busy to get what he wants. If he isn’t calling, that’s because you aren’t on his mind. You deserve a fucking phone call.

He’s not that into you if he isn’t having sex with you. When a man likes you, he wants to touch you all the time. The truth is that if a man is not trying to undress you, he’s not into you. No if’s, but’s and maybe’s if he isn’t hard anytime he sees you he is not that into you. Sex is one of the strongest ingredients of a great union. The last person who should be withholding sex from you is your boyfriend or husband. (except you both are not having sex for religious reasons.)

He’s not that into you if he is having sex with someone else. There’s never going to be a good excuse for cheating. If a guy cheats on you, he’s not into you. When my ex-boyfriend cheated on me, my friend told me I shouldn’t throw away my meaningful relationship just because he fucked someone else. Even if your pussy is disabled, and you couldn’t have sex, that still doesn’t give him the right to have sex with someone else. I don’t care if it just happened or it was a mistake, cheating doesn’t just happen. Cheating is bad and not knowing why he cheated is worse. There’s no excuse for having a girl and still sleeping around. Let’s call cheating what it really is: cheating is the betrayal of trust. There’s no excuse for cheating, I will say it again, there’s no excuse for cheating. Now say it to yourself, there’s no excuse for cheating. Make a cheat man cheat himself by losing you. You don’t deserve him.

The list is so long that I can feel you getting bored, so I’m just going to end it here while you watch out for the second part. But my advice is that get that guy out of your life. You deserve better. See you in my next post.


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