Dear broken-hearted.


Dear broken-hearted,

The hardest battle you can ever face as a human being is the emotional battle. Sometimes our emotions get out control and we end up fighting with our emotions in the name of being strong. No matter how strong someone is, we see our weak side when we are battling emotionally.

Removing yourself and feelings from a past relationship can take forever. When you’ve bonded with someone, it is usually very hard to accept that the relation-SHIP has sailed. One thing I’ve learnt in my years of being a hopeless romantic is that when your emotions decides to fight with you, you don’t sit back and let it have its way. You must be strong and fight it back.

The truth is that after a breakup, we know what to do and we still don’t do it. The only thing you can do after a bad break up is that you accept that it is over, and you move on. We know why we should do this, but we still don’t. it’s not your fault because you don’t know how to.

It’s not easy to move on, it’s not easy to win your emotional battle but you know one thing? It is very necessary. Your friends may care about everything and show you that they understand but the painful truth is that this battle and pain is yours alone. You either win or let it win you over.

How do you move on? Take charge of your own thoughts and direct your thoughts to the things that make you happy. There are two ways you can go about battling with your emotions, it’s either you wallow in self-pity and cry, yourself to sleep or you show your emotions who is in charge.

Live a stress-free life and understand that people will come and go. The pain from a break up is real, but never ever ever run back to the same thing that broke you for healing. How tragic that sometimes even we can break our own heart again by going to the same thing that broke us? That love you are crying over was so yesterday. Move on darling, the world is so unfair that it doesn’t wait for the broken hearted.


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