Don’t let bad people into your life.

I wasn’t in the right state of mind 2 weeks ago, because the person I gave my heart to, did me dirty. I wasn’t happy, but I’ve learnt that it is okay not to be okay.

I’ve been around a lot of trash people. I’m very sceptical in making new friends. This post is just a rant. This post is basically me advising you not to let bad people into your life.
I lost myself, I wasn’t even myself anymore. I became so different from the girl my parents raised. I was so angry at myself for being around these negative people for such a long time.

Trust your instincts, there’s no one like you on this earth. Don’t allow people to come into your life to fuck up your energy. You know in your heart what’s good and what’s bad. There’s only so much you can blame on the other person because you know bad friends when you see them. And you still chose to be their friends.

If you feel some type of way around someone, you have the right to not pursue a friendship with them. I am so angry at myself when I think of all the bullshit I took from people in the name of friendship. I’m not going into details about what happened, I’ve learnt from it.

I am absolutely disappointed in myself for letting my guards down. My price just went up because I now know my worth. I’ve learnt that you can love everyone, but some people deserve to be loved from afar. I’ve learnt to put myself first every time, that’s not being selfish, it is self-love.

Jessica let bad people into her life, and now she’s angry at herself for it. Don’t be like Jessica!!!

See you in my next post darling.


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