Value your vagina.


VALUE YOUR VAGINA!!! I mean that in the best way possible, when I tell my friends to value their vagina they look at me as an anti-sex. I’m not slut-shaming anyone but value your vagina sis.

When I say value your vagina, it means you should be very aware of who you allow inside of you. I’m not going to let just anyone into my vagina. The way you don’t just eat anything, the way you can’t let anyone into your life like that, select who gets inside your vagina.

I place so much worth on my pussy and that why I can’t just open my legs for anyone. Even if we are in a relationship, I value my vagina so much that most guys I dated didn’t even know what my pussy looked like.

I’m not saying that I’m better than those that sleep around. Your standard is different from mine, I’m not saying that you don’t value your vagina, I’m just saying we value our vaginas differently.

Valuing your vagina is knowing that you can’t sleep with every Tom, Dick and Harry. We females are receivers, we receive the dick, we receive the sperm, we are at the receiving end. Don’t be too quick to give out the coochie. I don’t want anyone misinterpreting this post, do you baby girl. I’m just saying sex should be something you value.

I don’t understand how having sexual liberation is empowering as a woman. I understand that you want to sleep around like guys do, and you are against the double standard. But sis, value your vagina, sex is more than the physical.

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