Why do men cheat?


Before I decided to write this post, I had to forgive my ex-boyfriend, so I wouldn’t be biased. I have forgiven him and now I’m asking myself; Why do men cheat?

A lot of men cheat, but not all men cheat. In Africa where I come from, whether we condone cheating or not, cheating men are celebrated. The only reason why I said not all men cheat is because I don’t wanna accept it. I can never settle with someone who cheats.

Girls have been brainwashed to believe that all men cheat, which makes them stay with a cheating partner. Not all men cheat, there are men who can never cheat on you no matter what. That being said, there’s no particular reason as to why men cheat. A cheating man is a man that wants to cheat.

Cheating is wrong, and it shouldn’t be justified. One of the first reason as to why a man cheats is that there are so many women out there willing to give themselves to someone else’s man. As I said earlier, this isn’t justifiable. A man wouldn’t cheat if a girl respects the fact that he is in a relationship. We women are the problem, being a side chick is now a thing? If we aren’t buying cheating from these hungry men, then they will stop selling!!

There are guys that deny their partner just to get into another woman’s pant!! I don’t even know why I titled this “why men cheat,” like there is an actual reason as why they cheat. A man cheats because he is selfish.

When I was getting into my first serious relationship, my friend told me “expect cheating because all men cheat.” Thank God I never impacted such an ignorant advice in my relationship. Please don’t condone cheating, you deserve better than being with someone that thinks you aren’t good enough.

If I’m not satisfying you, speak up. If you can’t tell me that there’s a problem with the way I give a blowjob then we shouldn’t be together. If a man MISTAKENLY cheats on you, please deal with him by CORRECTION. Look, I believe so much in that saying that goes “after God fear women.” When a woman wants to deal with a man that disrespected her, she’s going to do it with perfection.

Let’s forget friendship code, if I find out that a male friend of mine is cheating on his partner, I’m telling him a piece of my heart. I hate cheating and I’m not going to be a part of why someone else’s daughter is disrespected. I once suspected my friend cheating on his girl, I called him out and guess what he said? “That’s my sweetheart, I can fuck a million girls, but she still has my heart.” This isn’t even a tangible reason as to why men should cheat.

My problem with a cheating man is that he doesn’t accept it when he gets cheated on. Even when he cheats he blames the woman for it. Cheating is a choice, don’t praise a cheating man.

See you in my next post.


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