STDs- Cheap sex is very expensive.


This is a very controversial topic and yes I’m still going to talk about it. An STD is a Sexually Transmitted Disease. You have to have sex to get it. You need to be sexually active to own an STD.

This is my post, so I’m defining STD my own way. An STD is the suffering that someone who wasn’t careful enough carries around. To avoid stories that touch the heart, please use a condom. If you are old enough to have sex, you should be old enough to know that condoms are necessary!!!

Even with a condom, you are still not safe. STDs and STIs can be contracted orally. I don’t know if STD shaming is a thing, but I’m very very judgemental when it comes to STDs. I mean, you can’t be my friend and I see you itch down there twice in a minute and pretend that all is well. ALL IS NOT WELL, why are you itching? I’m going to freak out because STDs are not nice.

You just need one sexual partner to be exposed to an STD. Would I forgive a partner that gave me an STD? Personally, if I am having sex with you, I trusted you with my body, so you introducing an STD into the relationship is disrespectful. First of all, where did you get the STD from? And then why are you giving it to me? Did I tell you I was in need of an STD? I know you love to share but please keep your generosity to yourself. You shared my Mr Johnny with another woman and now you want to come share her dirtiness with me?

If my partner gives me an STD, I’m getting my medication and leaving that relationship (that was the easiest thing to type lol). I hope it is not a virally transmitted disease otherwise we are both saying our last prayers.

Please don’t have unprotected sex unless you are in an exclusive relationship. It might feel better, but its not safer. Please get checked frequently. Please don’t get STDs!! One thing you should learn from this post is that cheap sex is very expensive. Be careful while hoeing, LoL. Lets forget the fact that I’m going to scold you but if you have an STD, you can email me and I’m more than willing to help.

See you in my next post darling.


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