Is sexual-abstinence a myth?


Abstinence is when you refrain from having sex. Do people really abstain from having sex or they just pretend to? Can you always stop what you’ve started enjoying?

I was having a conversation with my male friends yesterday and one of them said abstinence is a myth. Lol. The other said abstinence doesn’t exist in his dictionary. To be very honest, abstaining from sex is hard, but there are people doing it for personal and religious reason and they are succeeding.

It takes a lot of self-control and discipline to abstain from sex. I dislike when I see people say they are abstaining from sex and still masturbate. I’m sorry but that’s not abstinence. Masturbating is sex with yourself if we are being honest. You can’t cum and say you are abstaining. Masturbation negates abstinence.

Do you know that people abstain from sex when in a relationship? A round of applause for them. I need to have a convo with them and learn a thing or two from them. And my boyfriend must be in that conversation because that guy is an energetic rough rider. Lol. A married friend told me that abstaining from sex renewed her sex life. Maybe you should try abstaining.

Are there any side effects to abstinence? I can only speak for the men here. Abstinence has its negativity because study shows that men should ejaculate more often. I’m not 100% sure about this but Kings, please ejaculate more often to avoid prostrate cancer. Lol.

I am someone that would advice you do to do what you like. You want to abstain? Fine. You want to keep hoeing until you are tired? Be safe. Personally, I would say that abstinence is usually worth it. If you know how peaceful celibacy is, then you would understand that not everyone deserves to KNOW you. Don’t ever feel pressured into having sex.

In fact, I didn’t write this post, wait until marriage. We shouldn’t even be talking about sex casually. Lol.

See you in my next post.



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