Boyfriend Material.



For those of you haNeymar+Brazil+v+Spain+Final+3UZoRhcmHrVlt don’t know what a boyfriend material is, this is the term used to describe a guy that has boyfriend tendencies. Lol.

What are the things that makes a guy worthy to be called your boyfriend?

My own list is looonngg. He is that guy that has to be perfect. He is the guy I see a future with, he should own a monster dick, he should be great in bed, he should even know what I want to say next. He should know how to fuck my attitude into place, he should know how to flirt in public. He should draw my left brow while I draw the right. He should be a man that has his life together. Sometimes yeah, I think my boyfriend standard is too high which makes it hard for me to be in a relationship.

A boyfriend is someone that shouldn’t waste my time. I hate time wasters, I’m very impatient like that. You can take the last slice of pizza (which is also annoying) but please don’t waste my time. I despise guys that waste my time. Tell me what you want from the onset and stop covering up those “you are the reason I woke up this morning” nonsense.

A boyfriend material is a guy that genuinely cares and loves you. He knows that there are other attractive girls in the world, but he has created a world where you are the only attractive being. He is someone that builds your empire with you, someone that supports you. Someone that loves every single thing about you.

Boyfriend material is that guy in the friend-zone. Sis, he is just there waiting for you to promote him to boyfriend. I was telling my male friend the other day what I wanted in a man and to be honest I was describing him without the feelings. The truth is that my male friends can never be my boyfriend, I mean I need them to cry to when the main boyfriend fucks up.

This list goes on and on and on. I’m honestly tired of picking and choosing men, because even after being selective, I still end up with the wrong person. Girl, all you should be focusing on right now is finding yourself not someone else. When you spend time working on yourself, you are going to see that not every guy deserves to know you like that. Focus on yourself darling, Prince Charming is on his way.

In fact, to end this post, boyfriend material is Neymar Jnr. Lol

See you in my next post darling.


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