7 reasons why you should stop texting and calling him.

1. The writings are on the wall girl. He saw your texts, he saw your missed call. If that man values you, he wouldn’t neglect you. You’ve tried and now you should stop texting.

2. You’ve said everything you want to say. You’ve apologised enough, you’ve asked all the questions, you’ve explained all you can. Girl, it’s high time you know that it’s not about what you say, it’s about what he wants to hear. Just let him be, the more you talk, the less he hears.

3. This particular point took me a whole relationship to understand. Chasing a man up and down is not the way to go about things like this. Give your self some respect and let it be.

4. Stop texting him, stop telling him you love him on WhatsApp. Show it. Men like action not words. You’ve told him for the past God knows how long that you love him, its now time you show it.

5. You are just being careless if you keep texting him and falling for him after he has shown you that he doesn’t want you. You were silly enough to be with someone like him, don’t be stupid to want him back in your life.

6. One thing you should understand is that when a guy doesn’t reply to your desperate messages, he’s feeding his ego with your desperation. Girl discard him.

7. You are texting him because there’s this little voice in your head telling you that you love him and all. You don’t love him, you just love yourself a little less. Give yourself that love and see how tables turn.



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