Don,t be his Emotional Playground.

Have you ever been in situation where you start talking to a guy and everything is just fine. You are happy you’ve found ‘true love’. Then suddenly, he starts acting up, he starts giving you some vibe that you can’t relate to? If you are like me, you would go into panic state.

You ask yourself, “what did I do wrong?” you even start replaying those moments you had with him just to see what you did wrong. The same guy that did everything to get your attention has just decided to stop caring. Sometimes you text, him to know what you did wrong and he ignores you.

Once a man’s sex drive is satisfied, everything you say is useless. EVERYTHING. Don’t kill yourself, don’t judge yourself. It’s not your fault, your pussy is not wack. You don’t have to be brainwashed into thinking that all guys are the same because this particular guy is bullshit. I say this all the time, when you find true love, you wouldn’t stress this much.

Let him see that your world doesn’t revolve around him. Lean back, don’t be hard on yourself. Love and respect yourself so much that you don’t care about him. Sometimes I think I need an award for self-love, I can not chase any human being I mean I’ve got asthma. Lol. Sincerely don’t chase after anyone that doesn’t want you. I’ve been through so much emotionally that I can tell you that there’s nothing you can’t get over.

Stop chasing him and just let him be. Loving a man is just one of the adventure you encounter while growing up. There are many other things to fall in love with and not a man that wants to fuck you up emotionally.

Lose that contact darling. Don’t be his emotional playground. You deserve better.

See you in my next post.


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