Abusive men are devils in human form.

A man that beats his wife or girlfriend, shouldn’t have a woman in their life. A woman dies emotionally anytime a man raises his hands on her. She dies psychologically.

A Chinese proverb says, a man who beats his wife beats himself. Personally, I think men that abuse women are weak themselves. To compensate for this, they bring out the violent side. Hitting a woman is sign of a weak character.

Women can frustrate you to the point of madness, I understand that. But the moment you throw that punch or slap, you’ve lost everything. Violence doesn’t work in correcting a woman. Women need to be corrected, but how can you correct a woman if you aren’t protecting her?

To be honest, you can never get a woman to listen to you if she doesn’t feel loved by you. A friend of mine told me the other day that she is the man-hater she is today because she has watched men use violence to get what they want from a woman. I felt those words in my soul.

After having a convo with my friend, I thought to myself; what kind of woman beater has this girl encountered that has damaged her psychology forever? This girl is 27 and she has never been in a relationship. This means that men who beat women don’t only damage their victim, they damage those watching.

That Chinese proverb is very much correct, because hitting a person that was there for you is just a shame. Men who are abusive, are men who feel out of control and insecure. They try to control the women they date because deep down, they don’t think they deserve women who would freely give them what they want.

I should end this post here, because I’m getting really emotional. If you know anyone who is in an abusive relationship, they should seek help. I think the abuser himself needs help as well. No one deserves to be another person’s punching-bag. No child deserves to see their mother at her lowest point because she is being beaten.

Silence is golden but not in an abusive relationship. Talk about it, email me at jessicaodili98@yahoo.com if you wanna talk about anything. Those in the UK can call 0808 2000 247 for help. In Nigeria, all you need to do is to dial *6820# on your cellphone.

See you in my next post.






1 thought on “Abusive men are devils in human form.

  1. I can relate to this on a very personal level. Seeing a young girl write this is mind blowing. I hope your friend get the help that she needs❤️.


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