Big girls don’t cry?

Distress And Suffering

I’ve been called a cry baby countless times and it doesn’t change the fact that I cry whenever I want to. I don’t cry because I feel like crying, I cry because it takes a lot of energy to hold back tears.

Crying isn’t my hobby, but I cry if need be. While growing up I never really cried in front of my friends because I was that jovial girl that could do absolutely anything to make people laugh. Until now I hate crying in front of people, if I ever did, it is because you are very special.

The truth is that I cry almost every day. It’s not depression, it’s the fact that I’ve learnt how to express pain with tears. And whenever I’m done crying, I feel like a heavy weight has been taken off my chest and I go about my day.

Everyone has feelings and it is perfectly okay to express them. I cry a lot but one thing for sure is that I never cry about the same thing twice. NEVER. Learn to cry fully and not frequently. Some of you are good at crying but you never heal from what is hurting you.

I feel like a terrible person telling you to cry. But the truth is that crying is good for you, they contain toxins. And toxins are bad for you. Get that toxin out of your system girl!! Lol. Chemicals which make you feel good are released into the body whenever you shed tears.

I know you are like ‘if Jessica says crying is good for me, then why do I cry and still feel miserable?’ I’m going to share something very personal with you. I spent my whole 2017 Christmas in bed crying. I didn’t do anything fun on that day I just stayed in bed crying and avoided phone calls. By the time I was done crying, I still felt the hurt and I started a part 2 of my crying escapades.

I learn everyday and I’m willing to share what I’ve learnt with my beloved readers. While crying, you should never criticise yourself. Its okay to cry but its never okay to be hard on yourself while crying. You wouldn’t cry if it wasn’t a big deal to you. Be compassionate with yourself when you cry.

Cry for your own pain my beloved. Society makes people who cry look like the weakest, but the truth is that we are the strongest people. Don’t set a timer for your tears!! I used to do this a lot; “Jessica cry for 30 minutes and go about you day” Lol. Please don’t do this. Your heart will decide when you’ve had enough tears.

If there’s one thing you should learn from this post, it should be that it’s totally fine to cry. Big girls cry too.
See you in my next post.


7 thoughts on “Big girls don’t cry?

  1. You are one of the strongest people I’ve met and I know you’re a conqueror. Yes, it is okay to cry and every tear has made you stronger. Love you girl


  2. Preach sis👏🏾👏🏾. I never cry about the same thing twice. I cry just once over a problem and that’s it. I can spend an hour crying, but once I’m done crying I’m good.


  3. Hi, can I get your Instagram? I want us to be friends because you talk like my next best friend. You are everything I want her to be. It’s weird because I just found your blog at random. I love you already and I’m waiting for us to be best friends. I don’t care if you think I’m desperate but you have the qualities of a bestie ❤️. Nice post.

    Liked by 1 person

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