5 red flags to point out in a man.

red flag

It is annoying to think you found the right man, just to find out he is trash. Here are 5 red flags to point out in a guy before you develop feelings for him.
1. The ones that lie- Men lie a lot. Just expect lies when dealing with a man. It is normal. These men promise you heaven and earth and give you hell. A man that wants to win a woman’s heart is the biggest liar. I’m really tired of the fact that there are few genuine men out there. Men are fraud. Lol. I still like them anyway, but sis when you find out that all he does is lie, FLEE!!

2. Selfish Men- This man is selfish; one woman is never enough for him. He wants everything and if we are being honest, you can’t give him everything. So, he runs around trying to get what he wants from different women. Girl tell him goodbye and keep your heart for the right man. He is a selfish, cold manipulative jerk who will emotionally use you and mentally abuse you until he’s sick of you and has already taken everything you can ever offer to him as a woman.

3. Men that leach- Women be careful of this type of men. They always ask you for money. The funny thing is that they don’t only leach you off your money, but they steal your time and emotions. They drain you emotionally, mentally, financially, and sometimes physically. When you see yourself dealing with a man like this, just walk away. Its not easy but do yourself the biggest favour and walk away.

4. Men that always want a private relationship- a man that doesn’t want people to know you guys are together is a man that doesn’t want to associate himself with you. He has a fulltime girlfriend. There is a huge difference between hiding you from people and keeping your relationship private. Be wise. Let me tell you something you don’t know, that man isn’t your boyfriend, FULLSTOP. Sis just find your own boyfriend because you are full time side chick.

5. He doesn’t get along with your friends- These are the worst type of men. Be very careful of him. He always complains about how he doesn’t like your friends. Sometimes he’s right, but when your friends dislike him as well, pay attention. Sometimes it’s hard to see something negative going on in your relationship when your own emotions are caught up in it.


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