Dealing with a man’s ego

Just as it is very important not fuck with a woman’s emotions, we should also know that you shouldn’t mess around with a man’s ego. It is common sense to know that men have more ego than women. When you injure a man’s ego, it takes time to heal, and sometimes it might even render the relationship useless. Ladies, please anything you do, make sure you don’t intentionally or unintentionally hurt your partners ego. Men can be annoying sometimes, nag if you want to, cry if you need to but never let his ego down.

I know it looks like I support men a lot and I’m not for the girl code. Lol. You don’t want to know how hard I fight myself to be like this. I’m submissive to my partner because I just want “peace to reign.” Men can be a whole lot of stress and dealing with their ego is another stressful job. Listen I am a full blooded 100% feminist, so no one should come for me with that feminism argument. If you know me on a very personal level, you know that my family smells like testosterone (so many brothers, uncles and nephews) lol. So yes, I’m giving you some tips on how to deal with these men and have your way with them.

Before I start, you should know that there is a very huge difference between a man with an ego and a man that just wants things his way. A man with an ego is a man with self-confidence, this is a man that constantly feeds his self-worth. He might play the victim card sometimes, but please ladies, apologise. Yes, I said it, apologise learn to apologise and save yourself from sleeping with your lover turned quarrel partner on the same bed. Lol.

The male ego doesn’t like correction. He doesn’t want you to correct him because he is always right. Sis just let him do his thing, he would ask for your opinion when he gets it all wrong. I’m going to share my secret on how I correct my man. Just be moody, if he really cares, he would want to know and then tell him you had a bad dream, or you are having a bad feeling about him not doing something. It works like magic trust me especially if he is African. Lol.

Do not compare your man with someone else, let the comparison stay in your head. Make him feel like the king that he is. Don’t say something that you know would piss him off. Treat him like a king, pamper him, these men are babies you know. See when you stroke a mans ego, you can always have your way with him.

Sis I just taught you how to win the heart of your alpha-male boyfriend. Send this post to your girls and see how we run the world. Lol. As for the guys, you are welcome make sure you tell your girlfriends to read this before jessica takes her man. Lol. Its all love my dearies.


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