Just the tip…

Lol, see how you were so fast in clicking because you saw the tittle. I’m not talking about sex in this post. Here are 5 life tips that can help you build your self-confidence.
1. Love yourself more than anything- Accept yourself you are an amazing person. Nobody can ever be you. You are a once in a lifetime type of person. Learn to love yourself accept your weakness and improve your life. Nobody is perfect, except you. Lol. Be your own biggest critic and work on yourself. Put yourself and mental health first. Love yourself before loving someone else. When you love yourself, there is nothing negative anyone can do or say to you that can change how you feel about yourself.
2. Stay away from negativity!!!- I can repeat this point until you understand it. Stay away from insecure people, all they do is make you feel bad about yourself, you shouldn’t be around people like that. Surround yourself with happy, goal driven people. Be positive all the time even if you are not really feeling it. Be around positive and happy people, it’s like having a ray of sunshine in your life, an uplifting attitude will make you a happier person.
3. Learn to say no- It is impossible to please everyone. The only difference between you and that person you think is so confident is they have learnt to say no. Saying no is very healthy, if you say yes all the time, people are going to take advantage of you. You would have to carry their cross when yours haven’t even been attended to. I understand that you love to help someone but saying no helps a lot in building your confidence.
4. Make others feel good about themselves- You feel good about yourself when you make others feel good about themselves. Try complimenting people. If you don’t know how to compliment others, compliment yourself. Make yourself feel good about yourself. Lol.
5. Deal with your emotions- When emotions are involved, it’s a different ball game. The hardest thing to deal with is your emotions. But in other to build your self-confidence, you need to deal with your emotions. You don’t want to start crying or feeling bad when someone points out your flaws. The truth is that when your emotions is put under control, you can deal with anything and anybody.
Self-confidence shouldn’t be mistaken for arrogance. I was meant to give you just the tip, but i just went balls deep. And don’t forget to email me if you need a best friend to talk to.


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