Good sex vs Bad Sex.


If you had sex while you were younger, it was probably the worst sex you had without knowing it. You could spend hours looking for the right hole and still cum. And for the girls, he just used the tip DJing your coochie and you felt very much satisfied. Ignorance is bliss trust me. Since you’ve never had any other experience, you thought the sex was amazing, adventurous and wonderful, but it was just trash and lasted for a second.

The truth is that we don’t have bad sex until we’ve had goooooood sex!!! Most of you spent the last few years thinking you were having the best sex of your life and the most mind-blowing sex until the relationship ended. Nobody accepts that their ex is a genius in bed except they are the few honest ones. Until you meet someone who knows what they are doing you think you are having good sex.

Despite the fact that we all deserve good sex, it can be a nightmare. Lol. I mean when it gets taken away from you (which is usually the case) you feel like one of your most valuable treasure just got stolen. You are just waiting until you are satisfied in bed again. Sometimes I get suspicious that I’ve been having bad sex without even knowing it. How do we really know what we want if we haven’t had good sex? Don’t get me wrong, you might be having good sex and still feel like it isn’t good enough (that’s why most people cheat).

People refer to their sex life as amazing or time-wasting. I personally think sex should be amazing for everyone, enjoy sex if you are having it. Bad sex is bad sex and good sex is good sex!!!! I hate when someone says bad sex is better than no sex, it’s either they’ve not have really bad sex, or they don’t know what good sex is. I wanted to smack my friend so bad the other day when she told me she has never had bad sex, and I just thought to myself “Jessica, she has never had a mind-blowing sex” and almost immediately I felt sorry for her. Lol.

Once you’ve had good sex, it is very difficult not to shame average sex. Ignorance is bliss in this case as I said earlier. Personally, I would rather remain ignorant than know what the real deal is and not have it to myself. The reason most people don’t stick around is that they are not great at managing bad sex, they don’t even give a second chance. If there’s something I’ve learnt, it is not to tell someone how shit they are with sex, unless you are in a relationship. Take this advice from me don’t tell them they are shit unless you are willing to help them.

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3 thoughts on “Good sex vs Bad Sex.

  1. Okay, so I just began my sexual journey sometime last year and I have no regrets. And yes the wait was well worth it lol. So far, I have to say I have been having great sex. Every sex session is not as mind-blowing but there are those sessions that can make your week and have you reliving in those moments. Then there are those sessions that are not just as great but I think we need days like that to help us crave for better sex. Great post Jessica 👍


  2. Nice blog, honestly I left a relationship weeks ago because the sex was bad and was our.first time. He did his thing and lasted long alright but I felt empty through out .i felt he was satisfying him self and not us . I try to talk to him about it but he wouldn’t agree. So I broke things of.

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