Okafor’s Law- where the ex should be.


Okafor’s law states that if you’ve been there, you can be there again. It’s the law of return. Let me just break it down, it means if you’ve been in a relationship with someone, you can always have sex with then anytime. Until recently I believed in this law, so I need to give you first-hand advice. Don’t subscribe to Okafor’s law. LOL

When you break up, please break up and run, run as fast as your legs can carry you, if possible run in the opposite direction. An ex should be nothing but an ex-pired person . Let IT remain in the past. If I want to be honest with you, exes never really remain in the past, I mean you found that person attractive and you were intimate with them.

Okafor’s law is a scam, big scam, I believed it for a while until it dealt with me. It’s bullshit, it’s a shit law. The same power involved in the break up, should equal the power you use to move on. Let your ex be missing in your life. Don’t find x. Don’t even find the D. Remaining friends with your ex endangers the occurrence of Okafor’s law. Especially if the sex was great, it’s like watching the same movie twice (I can watch a movie more than once tho).

Do not contact your ex for any reason, they had their chance and they blew it. They shouldn’t have anything to do with your coochie, they’ve had it before doesn’t mean they can have it again. They should know that you are no longer that girl, you are now better in bed, you can cook his favourite dish better and your blowjob skills has improved, so they can’t have you again. A new guy has come to claim what he couldn’t handle.

If you had something to do with your ex after the break up, I’m not judging you, let’s just call it a throwback. Lol. It’s not an easy thing to move on from the ex. I’ve been there, I was so unstable, but you would eventually move on.

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8 thoughts on “Okafor’s Law- where the ex should be.

  1. I totally agree that an ex should be an ex and nothing more, yeah you guys fell in with each other but also fell out of whatever y’all fell into. Sadly, some people see going back to an ex for sex as a way of keeping the body count on a low which is sad. But I guess to each their own 🤷🏿‍♂️.

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  2. Please just become a love doctor, leave your office address and phone number let’s call you to fix solve our problems. How do you even come up with these posts. #genius.

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  3. I love this too 👏👏👏…. personally I never believed in the law… it’s just a law made up for the stupid guys that can’t handle a good thing but don’t want to lose the good thing 😑

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  4. Hmm…actually ur law is still very much in existence, exes still get down together, I don’t think its something that can stop. Anyways, that’s my opinion..

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  5. I agree that an ex should be in the past but not in all cases, especially if the ex too has moved on and is mature enough to know that sex is off the table, y’all can be good friends and help each other out where necessary, of course not in close proximity.

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