Be careful what you wish for…

We’ve always wished for something so bad and we feel like that’s all we need *laughs in Spanish* sometimes when it finally comes our way we are like “hmm not really.” There was a time this guy told me I was all he ever wanted from a girl and trust me I was so full of myself. Lol. The 17-year-old me gave him everything he wanted and more on the same day. The following day, I got a Facebook message saying, “Jessica you are all I want from a girl, but you are giving me more than I deserve.” You really don’t want to know my reply. We are humans after all and we have choices, we can get rid of anyone we want to. We deserve to be happy, but have we ever thought about how the other person feels? When people decide to leave your life, it hurts more than waking up in the morning for lectures. If there’s something I have learnt since I got that Facebook message from my 17-year-old crush, it’s that life goes on, there would be lots of temporary people and the people you think are permanent are not.
Sometimes we know something is terrible for us and we know that it will do more harm than good, but we still cling to it for what it’s stealing from us. Just like things we get from the grocery store, friendships and relationships have expiry dates. We need to get rid of them. Holding on to a toxic relationship is like getting a first-class ticket to nowhere. Life is so short, and our days are numbered. Don’t be a masochist and remain in a constant state of pain and toxicity!!! Don’t let anyone tell you that every good relationship requires effort. You can never be enough for everyone and everyone can never be enough for you. Everything changes whether we like it or not. On that note, do what makes you happy, be a little bit kind and consider others. When others decide to leave you, let them go. Learn how to deal with people coming and going, you meet so many people in life, some you like, some you don’t like and some you are indifferent about. Many would be temporary, and the permanent ones are the lucky ones. Just leave the door open for anyone that wants to leave and better people will come through that door. While the door is open make sure you laugh as loud as you can, so you attract more people. LOL.


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