Introduction- My first blog post…

Hi guys, my name is Jessica Odili and yes, I know it all. This is my very first blog post and trust me I’m more than excited about it. I love writing and I’ve always wanted to own a blog for strong and happy people like me. If you fall under any of this category, just stick to my blog and we can be great friends.
1. In love with the idea of love. I mean I’m so into love that I tend to give myself in anytime I smell love!!! I can’t be the only one that feels that way, love is a beautiful thing.
2. Made mistakes in life and you felt everything and everyone was against you but somehow you still found happiness. This blog isn’t for sad people, we must make you happy if you are sad.
3. Learnt to bottle up your feelings because you are scared of the unknown. I never tell anyone that I love them, they just have to know. Lol
4. Molested as a child and you feel like it’s going to haunt you all your life. You can’t even tell yourself about it. I wasn’t molested as a girl, but I saw horrible things that I still dream about till date.
5. Been in an abusive relationship where you couldn’t break free so you just had to stay (I know you’re thinking ‘but we all have a choice!). We’ve all been abused emotionally, mentally and even physically in a relationship (well, not all of us). Some of us are still suffering but many of us had the courage to walk away.
The list goes on, I know it alllll. lol. Let’s laugh at our mistakes while we are young, as we build a better future. Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a stranger that there’s this new blogger that just writes it the way it is. Thanks and see you in my next blog post.


9 thoughts on “Introduction- My first blog post…

  1. I am so proud of you Jessie! Yes unleash your talents and live your dreams to write happiness.
    I wish you every good thing in blogging. I’m your fan as always🙌🙌
    Looking foward to read more & maybe see your selfies as well😊

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